Show Me Your Scars

I’ve been missing my family a lot lately so I’ve been thinking of them often. Thinking about the makeup of us. Thinking about those who have gone on and the many scars we have from the wounds that were inflicted by the pain their death caused. Thinking about the experiences that we’ve all shared that … More Show Me Your Scars

But He’s Wrong!

I once read a quote that said that being single allows you to serve like Christ, but being married allows you to love like Christ. I am learning that to be absolutely true. Many times when in conflict with Jonathan I feel as though he needs to know and admit the ways in which he’s … More But He’s Wrong!

When Death Knocks

I wonder what my uncle thought about as he laid in ICU with a missing limb, head shaved, and only blurred vision of what life truly was for him. I wonder as all the tubes ran through his body and as he went in and out of induced sleep what were the thoughts that frequented … More When Death Knocks